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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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murder. >> i think it was a crime committed else wr. and body dumped here. >> residents say that mountain boulevard has been a way station for criminal autos there is a murder here about a year ago. perpetrators have never been caught. i think it's because given the fact highway 13 is just, you know around the corner. >> that is why merchants here in the community have an active neighborhood watch program, plus, security cameras. >> there are cameras up and just trying to keep crimes to a minimum. >> and for the body found here will be performed on monday that. will give police a better idea of how to treat that. as for other body, police aren't saying that it is a homicide, they're treating that as a murder. >> there is a major twist in a
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high profile case of a tweeft. will lynch accused of attacking jerry lindner a former priest lynch says molested him as a chide. his attorney accused prosecution of misconduct. and lindner testified he never molested lynch. the defense claims lindner purr injured himself. >> the prosecution put on a witness they stated would probably lie. and in fact he did, in fact lie. >> and immediately after lindner's testimony, the judge stopped the case and sent jurors home. the judge is said set to hold a hearing on monday. >> there is a tobacco industry spent $47 million hoping to defeat prop 29, and it did. and that is less than 1% of the five million votes cast. it would have impose aid tax with money then funding cancer
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research. this industry wanted to block this one. and spent 11sed million more than governor brown did in 20. >> it's been a big nightmare today of the delays of flights. it's still going on. take a look at the lines. a low cloud ceiling forced officials to close a runway cutting flights by half. and add that it's friday, and it's summer, air travel is peaking and there are a lot of unhappy but understanding passengers. >> i'm becoming homicidal. no. it's just going to make us late. we're going to another airport and getting om at o-dark thirty. >> passenger was connecting flights are affected and delays expected to last until midnight. airport officials are urging to you double check arrival
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time before you leave the house. >> this is bloomy and windy. >> and easing up. and spencer christian going to join with us a look at weather. >> things improved and it was gloomy. you can see there is cloud cover up and lots of clear skies. blue skies and at sfo right now, sky conditions have improved from this morning. there are low clouds and low visibility. right now, there are blue skies and there is residdal back ups. let's travel up north to clover dale. there is drizzle and spotty drizzle throughout the day over the bay area, right now seems to be confined to the north bay. it's not over yet. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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>> the roar of nasdaq -- nascar engines is back at sonoma raceway. this series began today with early practice and qualifying and there are is the first race since infin onchanged the name to sonoma raceway. if driving through be warned traffic is to be heavy at times. >> it's pride week in san francisco. largest event in the country. and abc 7 news is live where the festivities are underway. >> this is a party that has
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been warming up this afternoon. and there is a group of people walked by for instance we would not have been allowed to show you on tv. this is continuing here until 6:30 when the 9th annual transmarch will leave from here, organizers hoping for a crowd of 15,000. and they might reach that number. it started with something new. a brunch and a cans for younger generations to learn from those with more experience. this is separate from the pride parade. steering committee member says it's important for the transcommunity to have an event. >> this is important to show we're here together and we're
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proud of ourselves. >> this is showing what should be a similar event but it's one of a series of events over the weekend. there is command staff that will march sunday sunday and have staff scheduled over the weekend. >> we have an expected crowd of about a million people and there are rez dhaents come to see this event. >> police warn tomorrow is alcohol free. plain clothes and uniformed officers will be patrolling on foot, bikes and in cars. >> our goal is to have everyone coming here to have a good time. and not to make arrests left and right. >> and that will be first this weekend up for just a moment. and and the demonstrators say
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they object to what they see as increased social saigs of pride weekend with major sponsors including wells fargo. >> and to take a look at the schedule you'll find it on our web site. and you'll see it under see it on tv. >> being called invisible war in the military. a congress woman helps lead the fight against military rape. and you've never been able to do it on facebook until now. a feature helping save you from yourself.
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jackie speier is calling on congress to investigate yet another sex scandal in the military at the same time a
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documentary is debutting tonight about the epidemic of rape in the military. i talked with her by satellite about concerns. >> the problem is that the chain of command which is like the holly grail for the military is something they do not want to tinker with. >> this describes the scandal that rocked the air force base in congress. she's written a letter to house armed services committee chairman. >> there have been 35 instructors have been implicated in a scandal. many trainees have been forced to have sex with them. >> she's spoken on the floor of the house about the epidemic of rapes in the military, authoring the stop act last year to protect victims of mst, military
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sexual trauma. >> this would require a separate office be established where complaints can be filed and evaluated and investigated and prosecuted. >> the office is investigating several bay area cases and this is including that of kaidy -- katie webber. she is one of many telling their stories in this powerful documentary. >> very young and into the military. wanted to make a career of it. was raped viciously. she tried to complain about it she was discharged from the military and the reason on her discharge papers states she had a weight problem. which was not the case. >> congress woman speier and katie webber will be attending the debut tonight at 7:00 to
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answer questions. for more information you can log on to our web site and look under see it on tv. this sunday, the same day as pride parade our beyond the headlines show takes a look at lgbt issues. and our guests talk about how difficult it was f them to come out ask how they've survive that had discrimination. now they're just trying to live their lives. >> this we have two children, both boys. they, their friends are assuming that is the way it's supposed to be. >> i hope you'll join me right here on abc 7. >> we're looking forward to normal weather coming our way. >> it's going to warm up tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon z further warming will be taking place closer to a summer like rain.
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and there is our camera and there is most of the bay area is precipitation-free at the moment. and there is one spot up in the north bay there that is just about all we have in the way of precipitation at the moment. there is mild conditions, temperatures into 60s near the bay and up into the north bay there is low 70s inland and there is spotty drizzle or the chance of spotty drizzle. sunny afternoons prevail over the weekend. warmer patterns begin early next week, mid week, actually. there is an approaching cold front triggering this chance. it's still moving into our direction. at 7:00 this evening there is
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mainly dry. and there is spotty drizzle in the north bay. and by mid morning we should see the drizzle giving way to sunnier and milder conditions into afternoon. clouds around in spots and low temperatures into mid-50s then, looking for partly to mainly sunny skies by afternoon. and high temperatures tomorrow afternoon low to mid-60s near the bay. low 70s inland and there is up to more summer like range of highs, monterey bay, sunnier, milder with highs near the bay upper 60s to low 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. next several days, through monday, we'll see high temperatures into mid-70s and upper 60s to about 70s near
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the bay. then, we warm up a little bit by mid week wednesday, thursday, friday. and inland highs into mid-80s and there is mid to upper 70s on the bay. that is a milder pattern developing. >> yes. >> and something to look forward owe to. >> yes. >> thank you. >> we need to offer a quick apology to our comcast viewers. hopefully you're hearing us once again. and speaking of the warm up, it's coming just in time for stern grove, it's 75th season of free outdoor concerts. this is a san francisco institution in an unrivalled set lg. there is don sanchez. >> the ballet is a regular at the festival. so, too is san francisco opera
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it's presented free concerts for 10 summer sundays in this amphitheater packing 14,000 people here. and programming is from classical to pop. anita baker opened sunday. and. >> this is admission free. we don't have to program to sell tickets, we can be more add convenient twus trus with programming >> what makes it so attractive is a design six years ago. now this, architect created this look. >> this builds up, you can go up to the hillside and yes, as we can see, listen to beautiful performances. >> still worried they're bolted to the ground. and the family is related to the eleven eye strauss family.
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mr. stern gave the grief to the city. in the 30s he had an opera singer come out and walk around determining the best area for the sound. the stage would go here, six years ago, engineers determined best place for the stage. it was, you got it, right here. and says as they prepare for next 75 years if mrs. stern was here today, she'd fully expect to it continue. >> and what a venue. >> still to come at 5:00 it's friday. that means muscle -- michael finney's free stuff. >> and starbucks goes for complete beverage nation. and tonight at 6:00 new entrepreneur using a love of family for his own family business
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listen to this. starbucks not satisfied with dominating coffee world it's going after tea lovers opening a first tea-only store featuring it's tazo brand. customers will be able to pick up 80 blends. >> interesting. >> and this is our favorite time of the week. there is free food on friday. happy to be filling in for dan. >> that is right. you may want to hang on to that bag. >> and there is this amazing grilled cheek bacon burger, so good they had to team up with
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spiderman in order to get this done. this is good and there are two pieces of bacon. it's good. and there is one of the famous $6 burgers that is $5. but you can get it free and there is a big birth and baby fair and there is a 2 hundred free tickets, activities for new moms and a bunch of baby products. i would check in on this. you'll have a good time. >> but wait, there is more. >> there is more. three items if you go to
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michael finney's consumer blog. there is a late dinner, orange chicken, disney having a huge event for "brave" f you've got little kids i'd get in on this. it's gotten so big there are now tours going to scotland. >> and so sign us up. >> it's a very big deal. >> your favorite location? >> yes. eucerin and it's fabulous. >> and how do we get this? >> so glad you asked. right there. and any time you can log on on abc 7 >> and right away.
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>> this is it. okay. we're going to take a break while carolyn eats dinner. >> and there is a feature to fix embarrassing comments and mistakes.
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a vacation fund intended to raise $5,000 for a 68-year-old bus monitor who has bully by preteens has grown to over $500,000. more on the support. >> this morning the boys are hiding out, ducking death threats and the teens issued written apologies to the target. one writing quote i am so
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sorry for the way i treated you. i saw the video i was disgusted and i could not believe i did that. the 7th grader said it was just an attempt to attract attention online. >> i think people record every day on you tube. >> and they say they had no idea would it go this far. this video has now been seen by tens of millions and this is now unwanted infamy. the teens families say they're living in fear their names, addresses made public. >> it's amazing people would stick up for a lady but they're harassing my family. death threats. >> investigators say the boys likely won't be arrested. >> why aren't the teenagers being charged with a crime? >> mrs. klein decided she doesn't want to press charges at this time. >> they had in right doing that. >> just imagine if it was one
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of your grandparents. >> klein says she's overwhelmed by sublick support. >> makes me feel great. i'm not used to that much attention. >> the beb site is now bringing in thousands of dollars an hour going from 5,000ses today 400 dhou in a few days. klein got the support of well known unknown bullying champion ellen degeneres who claims it breaks my heart. it looks like she's becoming more comfortable with her new found fame. for punishment, sources tell me the school board is considering suspending them for the entire school year, next year. abc news, new york. >> and coming up a big sale on home appliances. when a customer tried to buy one, the law stopped the sail. and there are growing concerns
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here on the west coast and world's ugliest dog competition. we'll take you live for the championship. and do you use facebook a lot? there is a cool new feature just rolling out a way to edit mistakes or comments. there is a a picture and to tell us how much fun. i typed in fun. and entered that. it's registered what if i want to correct the mistake? there is a pencil you touch. see that? edit. i can add new comments. so it's just the coolest thing, ever. i love it, love it. we're in. so you


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